Call Our Techs To Remove Ads by Newzio 1.4 Virus – 24/7

Guys, I found a new one this week. It’s called Newzio 1.4 it’s nasty. I hate this one. Really hard to get off the PC, I would rank it somewhere around 8 on a scale of 10. Much like the other Ad-wares in it’s class, this is yet another browser hi-jack that interrupts the users browser experience. Only this one is focusing on coupons as a way to monetize it’s backend.

You know, because when you’re reading your favorite blog, you know you want to be served coupon ads. So annoying. Newzio 1.4 injects banners into the browser and shows random web links through keywords found on the page as well. You will also notice fake browser update calls, asking you to update certain things. Don’t do it. This is fake. Just like Newzio 1.4 you want to make sure to get rid of this one as soon as you detect it on your PC.


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