About Malwarewiz

So, we at Malwarewiz get asked a lot, what makes up the Malwarewiz team? I love this question. It’s a good one. Malwarewiz started in a Pawtucket, Rhode Island garage with two people who knew there was a massive problem in the computer technology realm. We experienced first hand what it was like to become a victim to a digital hacker by way of malware or nasty virus.

It’s not fun to be a victim. We hate it. So we started malwarewiz to help people who don’t know how to fix their computer problems by way of a cyber attack. We know your data is important. We don’t want you to lose your family pictures or any family album / music / video that you may have on your computer. Problem is the attackers don’t care, they want to steal your information and they don’t care who they attack or hurt. They do it for money, they do it for their own personal gain, whatever that may be.

If you’ve been a victim, we can help, just give us a call anytime. One of our Microsoft Certified Agents will be glad to help you.


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